Get the most out of security products you already own. Fast Intercept automates routine tasks, turning security automation from an engineering problem to a managerial one.


You shouldn’t have to be a developer to automate tasks, but if you are – even better.  Fast Intercept is designed to translate good engineering into real value. FastIntercept enables developers to put good work into automating work so they can focus on the real challenges.

Pay for What You Use

Start small and grow as needed. Fast Intercept is licensed based on problems solved and workload reduced — the hours you’ve saved.

Empower the Tools You Already Love

Automatically create tickets, send text alerts, block threats or lock accounts in real time. You already have a great toolset. Use your existing SIEM to identify threats — then do something about them.

Create Straightforward and Purpose-Built Automations

With a web interface built for humans, you don’t need to write code to get things done. Fast Intercept is built to easily integrate into your environment, not take up space. Our platform runs on bare metal, in the cloud, or on your virtualized infrastructure.

Fast Intercept lets you build and manage automation, not create more maintenance.

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